The proposal is to construct 4 x 2B3P apartments over 2 storeys on the existing land to the rear of a private house.  This redevelopment of the site offers the potential for the construction of 4 contemporary, sustainable apartments that address the local housing need, design requirements and environmental aspirations of the Local Authority.

The site is in a residential area where the scale and mass needs to be carefully considered in order to protect the amenity of neighboring properties and the physical character of the area.  The proposed apartments have therefore been designed to reflect the surrounding buildings which are 3 storey with 2 storey rear extensions whilst those opposite the site are 2 storey with pitched roofs.

The 4 apartments are divided into 2 distinct blocks linked by the central shared entrance lobby which provides access to the first floor apartments.  The blocks step up at each end towards the middle to reduce the perceived mass of the whole building.  The gable elevations are plain with no windows to prevent over looking and are set back from the boundaries on all sides and from the boundary to reduce any perception of over bearing.

The development will be contemporary and be high quality in appearance. It is proposed to use a simple palette of brick with timber windows which are self finished, robust materials that age well rather than external timber cladding, render or painted surfaces that do not age well and tend to stain if not maintained.