Long Close

Client: Private
Completion: 2018

The existing house is a 4 bed detached chalet-style house situated on high ground to the south of Winchester. It is currently in a poor state of repair. Complete modernisation was economically prohibitive therefore the proposal is for total re-development and the creation of a new house.

The new house will be a one and half storey 4 bed contemporary house designed to be low impact and as such is designed with sustainability as an essential element. The house will be designed and constructed to the highest environmental standards and will aim to be Passivhaus certified.

As far as possible it will only include materials and products that minimise negative impact on the environment. It will have many features that significantly benefit the home and wider environment. The materials and construction will be specified to be as healthy and robust as possible whilst the building itself will seek to reduce resource consumption including water and energy consumption through high levels of insulation, good construction, good natural ventilation and good natural light. The external fabric of the building will be highly insulated with excellent airtightness and minimal cold bridging to reduce heat loss.

An MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery) system will provide energy efficient ventilation in summer and winter. The building will also allow natural ventilation in the summer to cross ventilate all spaces and cool them at night if required.